Usability of replaying the command with increasing volume

Design Thinking


The challenge of this design is to ensure the practicability of increasing the volume while replaying the command.

Click the tip button while waiting for virtual assistant's response


While waiting for the device's response, user can click the tip button to check if the device is listening. Or he can also replay the command.

Test out which model works better

Testing Video

For solution 1, I used the iphone to record a command "Alexa, tell me about the weather" and set the volume to scale 2. Then replayed the command to Echo. If Echo couldn't hear it, then increase the volume by 2 scale and replay the command again. It took 3 times of replays to finally let Echo hear the command. For solution 2, after Echo couldn't hear the command, the volume would be increased to maximum and replay the command. It only took one time of replay to let Echo hear.

Maximal increase of volume works better