Sleeping Casino

Conceptual Design


Sleeping Casino was a project designed in the background of "exploring and optimizing the best sleeping experience". Our team's topic was to explore the possibility of sleeping APP while creating a better experience. We referred and emulated an interesting getting fit project called "stickK", where users can bet with the platform for customized amount of money. This idea "betting and winning" money then became the foundation of this APP.


UX Designer


2014 Mar. - 2014 Aug.


Led the concept design of Sleeping Casino. This includes the early research, the calculation of gambling odds, the business model and the UI design.

Create an innovative mechanism to motivate users to adjust their sleeping habits


Core problems of maintaining a good sleeping habit


We interviewed several potential users for knowing their sleeping habits and current problems better. The following is their feedback:


Customized for the irregular sleepers


Our target group is the young people who suffer from staying up late. Our conclusion was based on their bad habits, their drive to improve their sleep, their small income, their proficiency of smart devices and the popularity of wearable among them. Also, we were inspired that we should not let the gamble incentives replace the focus of improving the sleeping experience.


How the value exchange motivates users to stick to their healthy life style

Service Flow

We tested by ourselves to see how StickK operated. Then we concluded the business model should be split into two version: SC free and SC gamble. The free version can motivate users by donating their stake to designated charity. By contrast, the gamble version will motivate users by taking their stakes into Casino funding if they lose, and rewarding them with bonuses once they win.


How Sleeping Casino motivates and optimize the sleeping experience


Sleeping Casino(SC) not only tracks the sleeping data and offer personalized analysis, but also motivates users to adjust their biological clock by different incentives.


Building the trust and credibility of the gambling


Because falling asleep cannot be controlled, the success of gambling is judged by the state of going to sleep instead of falling asleep. Here are two different solutions for checking users’ gamble results, through the smart watch sensors or through the voice sensors on smartphones.


Helping users regain the good sleeping habits through donating & gambling


In the free mode users can motivate themselves by donating money to their appointed charity if they fail. In gamble mode users should pay RMB 10 as their stake, and this money will be only used for reward. Users can gamble with unlimited time , but their gamble odds will fluctuates due to their previous succeed rates.


How we determine the basic odds for sleeping gambling

Gambling Odds

This formula only presents the corresponding relation between gamble odds, sleeping constant, succeed rate and sleeping discrepancy. For a more accurate gambling odds all the parameter should be determined by experiments. Also, to ensure the ecosystem of SC funding can operate, the mathematical model should be tested and adjusted for several times before launching online.


What I learnt from designing a new business and technical model


Major reflections:

  • If you have a great inspiration, you need to refine and validate it from multiple aspects: design, technical and business.

  • Try to seek help from others' strength, and utilize that to refine your own project.

  • Even the concept might NOT work out in the real business, but practicing the commercial thinking is still very helpful for building a product and finding a market place.